Avenue Drivers Club
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Welcome to the Avenue Drivers Club

The Avenue drivers club was formed in 2009 by a small group of classic car enthusiasts and devotees of the Avenue Cafe, who serve the best coffee in Bristol.


We’re not ‘Petrolheads’, we’re individual Gentlemen (and Ladies) with a passion for anything motorised that will do at least 100mph. The purpose of the club is to give the enthusiasts an opportunity to meet on a regular basis with likeminded individuals and drive their classics at least once a month!

The members of the club meet at the cafe, situated on the corner of historic Queens Square in Bristol on the morning of the second Sunday of every month ( See map for Avenue Cafe address )


We have organised that Costas and Bob, joint owners of the Cafe will open early at 9:00am for coffee and breakfast, and that the staff will provide the normal banter and abuse reserved for regular customers.


Be it classic, modern, a car or a motorcycle (although the wearing of leather romper suits is discouraged) you’re welcome here. Enjoy the hospitality, inspect the vehicles that turn up and meet other enthusiasts.


If this sounds good, put some Castrol R in your pipe, send the children up the chimney and recline in the wing backed Chesterfield that is the Avenue Drivers Club.


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